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Handy Man / Contractor

Handy Man / Contractor

(251) 923-9032
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Please leave a complete information of your project and Location and contact information so we may properly contact you back.

Please see our Testimonies of Service.

  • All of these list of Services
  • Assemble Products
  • Basement Finishing
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Bath Tub Caulking, Repair & Install
  • Bathroom Repair
  • Blinds & Drapes
  • Cabinets
  • Carpentry
  • Caulking & Sealing
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling Repairs
  • Child Proofing
  • Closet Organizers
  • Counter Tops
  • Crown Molding
  • Curtains, Shutters & Blinds
  • Dog/Cat Doors
  • Doorbell Repair & Install
  • Doors
  • Drawers Repaired
  • Dryer Vents
  • Drywall Repair
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Pressure Washing
  • Fence Building

We are out of Foley.. not associated with the ones in Gulf Shores with the Bad Reviews.

Please email us with your needs we can provide other pictures of work similiar to what your needing.


  • Yes John
  • I have used Grant. Triple D services for some time.
    Always on time. Always has the parts and equipment to do what every project. Has always been very practical with the pricing of his service.
    Never have had a complaint with the services he has rendered.
  • I am a single business woman.. and was in need of some one dependable to do certain things to get my property ready for move in ready in the upper baldwin area.. My Realtor recommended Triple D Grant.. He came in did every thing on a timely manner and very efficient.
    I was able to move in on time. The thing that impressed me I had appliances delivered and they would not fit through the bathroom door. Mr Grant came out after dark removed the door installed my washer and dryer and put the door back very Promptly. It didn't even look like it was removed. Very Impressed.
  • Hi. we are very grateful to of located this services of Triple D Contractors. We have a office on the west side of Mobile and its very difficult to get some one dependable to go out to a vacant property and tend to the needs on a prompt timely manner.
    They have always been able to handle our needs and problems and very up todate with the way they document the work and have it sent to us via email.
    Very very helpful in todays enviroment.
    Thanks. Jim
  • We used Triple D contractors for a couple of our vacant homes to clean up and clean out. They go in and do a very professional looking job. Documented every thing with pictures and informed us of anything else we need.

    If you need someone that is reliable and very dependable with the equipment to get the job done, I would recommend Triple D. They do what they say and do it on time. Never had a complaint with them. Stephens
  • We used Triple D to help maintain our lawn and yard while we were out of town. They do a great job and will be there when they say they will.
    They communicate by phone and email and let you know everything is well.

    We used them on a few light things that we needed, also around the property and they don't hesitate to do about any thing needed.

    Very satisfied with their services. Weaver
  • I have house on Ono island that we started with a contractor repairing our roof after hurricane damage. They were doing more Damage than the Storm did. We were put in Contact with Triple D through a Realtor Associate and Triple D Came in and Corrected the problems the Original Contractor started and not only corrected it but in stalled us a new complicated Roof System that has with stood several other storms. We then used Triple D to paint our entire house exterior and interior and they did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Triple D as they do what they say they will do. McGuire
  • We have used Triple D for many services at our Beach house. We can call upon them before a Storm and without us being there, they will go and enter in house and prepare it for the major Storm.
    When we did have damages, they took plenty of pictures and coordinated with the Insurance in our behalf and got the repairs done on a very quick time frame.
    We would recommend them in any situation.
    Thanks. Ms Ann Parker
  • My wife and I have used Triple D construction to our great satisfaction. They arrived at the time they said they would, did a good job at what we asked them to do, and the price they charged was very reasonable. The gentleman that was doing our job was very entertaining telling us stories about other jobs the has done. Very nice guy.

    Thanks for your dependability and quality of service. Reinhart
  • I got with Triple D Contractors and Grant and he made several suggestions as to adding some moldings and changing out some light fixtures and some plumbing fixtures. He was able to do this along with 2 rooms of a hardwood floor that made a big difference in our property.
    Once he did the improvements, we were able to sell our property with no problem and less time on the market.

    Our recommendations for Triple D Contractors and Mr Grant are high up on the list.

    No one can go wrong with their experience. He listens to what we wanted and needed and then he expressed to us what his advice would be and it all worked out great. McGuire
  • Referred Grant to several clients who bought homes or getting ready to list. Everyone is happy because he knows what he is doing and does it right. He has built doors, replaced flooring, counter tops and various handyman chores. Like having a source that is dependable and has the skill level to take on many different jobs. LeNaire
  • I am a female caregiver of my husband. Because of my husband's condition I have full responsibility when problems arise in our home but I need someone very special and understanding so my husband will allow them in our home. Grant is this someone very special. I have had other contractor's who have taken advantage of this situation and I thank God I found Grant who came in and finished many repairs that they had been started but not completed appropriately. Grant was not only kind and friendly but also not hesitant on completely any job I needed done. I feel like he was the first contractor who didn't take advantage of the situation and charged me a very reasonable price for the excellent work that he does.

    One job he did was removing a sealer that had been put on a porcelain floor which shouldn't of been put on in all wet rooms of the home. It was peeling and making spots on the tiles. This not only took much work on finding a solvent that would do the job but then the time to actually get it all removed. It took him days. The estimated cost he gave me he stuck too even though it took him many more days than expected. He also finished some woodworking to complete a flooring job that another contractor failed to return to complete. He has done many other small jobs, well actually what seemed to be big jobs to me. His work is excellent, he is confidential, his personality is that of a true Christian at heart.

    I highly recommend Grant and I would not ever let anyone else but him in my home for repairs or for any renovation. He is a blessing. Mottani
  • Grant Dunally has accomplished several projects for me including electrical wiring, carpet installation, exterior pressure washing and setup of home entertainment unit. I recommend him highly for any handyman or home maintenance or construction job. He is dependable and knowledgeable. And of course the best thing is he shows up on time and knows what he's doing.
  • Mr. Dunnam and Triple D Contractors are fantastic when it comes to small odd jobs around the house or a complete remodel... the price is right and the quality of work is great! I am glad to have finally found a really good contractor/carpenter/handyman.Thanks for the help at our home, Mr. Dunnam. Ward
  • We used Triple D Contractors to re-hab our last 3 houses. They did every thing we asked and then some.. from doing our floors, to hanging lights, to roofing one of the properties, replacing several windows. They maintained our lawns for us on of them during the summer months and planted several shrub beds for us.

    We are very please with their contracting services and would highly recommend to any one needing a contractor to just some one to change out light fixtures. Drexel
  • I just wanted to say how Grant Dunnam/Triple D is great. Dependable, honest and works with you to help you however he can. His work is quality work and if he is not able to so it, he will help you find someone that can and will help you get the best price possible. Bonnett
  • Grant did fantastic work for my husband and I! Very professional and reasonably priced. Would recommend him to anyone. Kitchens
  • Triple D Contractors have professionally completed several handyman projects on several rental properties I own and manage. Projects consisted of:

    * Plumbing issues on toilets
    * Sinks
    * Garbage disposals
    * Shower regulators and pipes dishwasher installations
    * Dryer heating unit replacements
    * Door knobs
    * Lock installations.
    * Electrical Garage door openers installation.
    * Installation of new front doors.

    A very professional contractor, thorough estimates that remained consistent with the itemized billing with the same price. Work was always completed on time and all cleanup was done daily.

    One of the best service providers I have hired! Drew
  • We have used Triple D for many of our remodeling needs when buying a house. He has installed our flooring, laminated floors and tile floors.
    He painted the entire house in side and out; our back exterior doors both needed replacing and he was able to handle that. He then came back when we got approved and re roofed our house and got it all back looking new again.

    Everything was done on a professional basis and a timely manner. Gibson
  • I have used Triple D Contractors for 2 years now. Everything we asked him to do from Pressure washing our house to changing out Garbage Disposal he has done. He has even came late at night when we thought had a light burning in closet and changed out the bulbs.
    When we decided to sell our house he came and changed out garage door opener and also pre-checked our house and did several things needed in order for us to pass our home inspection with out thing out of order. I would highly recommend for any and all projects. Greer
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